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April 2012
1st April: Pest watch - the enemy within

Digging up Heleniums to divide today, I noticed some of the fleshy underground stems had been hollowed out causing the plants to grow poorly with some sections dying out. Right in the centre of the clump I found this beasty - the 1 1/2 in (3cm) long caterpillar of the swift moth which is a voracious feeder. I've also found these inside the dead, tunneled out stems of Delphiniums. There is no effective control but regular division of Heleniums will prevent congested hiding places forming. Fortunately it is not very common in the garden.

By the way, our Robin had a really good feast on the blighter.



12th April: Late to bed, early to rise

Our Hemerocallis never really went to bed this winter, with the so-called evergreens actually keeping their foliage for the first time ever in my memory. The warm (hot) March we experienced has really brought them on and some are in bud already, including Duke of Durham pictured here, who doesn't normally flower until the end of June.


27th April: Reveling in the wet

The current wet weather is both a boon and bane for gardeners. Some plants have perked up from the March drought, whilst others dislike the cool, relentless wet without sun. 

One plant reveling in the wet are Geums. The spring flowering types like Farmer John Cross here love a moist soil and the cool weather ensures their flowers last a long time. 

They are a great favourite with bees.

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