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January 2016

16th January: Flower Focus: Actaea Pink Spike

I'm trying something new - using Sway to produce my diary entries. Clicking the "4 arrows" icon to view fullscreen is probably best

25th January Heralds of spring

Gardeners are always looking for heralds of spring: Snowdrops, crocus, emerging daffodil heads or perhaps unfurling catkins. Today the heralds have been singing birds

I've been enjoying blackbird, robin, great tit and especially song thrush

Here is his song (with a blackbird joining in the background

29th January: Perfect Partners - Phlox and Perennial Sunflower

The white peaks of Phlox Mount Fuji with the sunshine of Helianthus Capenoch Star (Perennial Sunflower) rising behind makes a perfect combination from late August through September.

Both prefer a sunny spot, although in this site they are shaded in the morning. Both will love some moisture in summer, but will perform in drier soils. The helianthus prefers reasonable drainage in winter

This is mid to back of border combination.


Key facts:

Phlox Mount Fuji grows to about 4ft / 1.2m tall but doesn't need staking. The flowers are pure white and very fragrant. Forms a clump around 2ft / 60cm in 2-3 years. Divid in spring or autumn

Helianthus Capenoch Star is about 5ft / 1.5m tall and again doesn't need staking. Very attractive to butterflies. Forms a clump around 2ft / 60cm in 2 years. Divide in spring

30th January - Flowers for bees - by the bees themselves (Part 1)

First part of a series written by bees in our garden on their favourite flowers. written using a new tool by Microsoft called Sway:

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