Hesperantha / Schizostylis

Previously known as Schizostylis, now known as Hesperantha and members of the Iris family.

The previous common name is now considered outdated language and River Lily or Scarlet Flag are now being used for this plant, the former giving a clue to it's wild habitat and it's preference for moist or even wet soils. They will, however, thrive in dry conditions in the UK.

Late, late bloomers for a sunny spot. They start flowering normally in September (possibly late August) and are reaching a crescendo by late October or even November, tailing off through December. They will produce the odd flower in spring.

We only grow varieties of the species coccinea; other species can be grown but are less hardy.

They make outstanding cut flowers, lasting a long time. The colours all associate well so a mixed vase of the varieties makes a particularly charming display.

They do spread by underground stems and rhizomes and will cover a good space in damp ground. Less spreading in dry conditions.

Keep them well fed in spring or dig up, refresh the soil with compost and replant as they will stop flowering if kept hungry.

They don't seem to have any particular pests and we've never noticed any slug damage on them.

Hesperantha coccinea

The wild species from South Africa. About 2ft / 60cm tall. Flowering August to November.

Avaiable soon

Hesperantha coccinea alba

Pure white flowers. Slightly shorter than other varieties - about 1ft / 30cm. The green throat adds to the flower's charm.

Price £6.00 (9cm pot)

Hesperantha coccinea Fenland Daybreak

Pale pink flowers with darker striations. Lot of flower coming to a peak in November. About 1ft 6in / 45cm

Price £6.00 (9cm pot)

Hesperantha coccinea Major

Very large red flowers. 1ft 6in / 45cm tall. Flowers from mid-late September.

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Price £6.00 (9cm pot) Available soon

Hesperantha coccinea Pink Princess

Pearl, pale pink flowers - almost white from a distance. 1ft 6in / 45cm tall. Flowers from mid-late September.

Also know as "Wilfred H. Bryant" - obviously not so saleable!

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Price £6.00 (9cm pot)

Hesperantha coccinea Sunrise

Pink flowers. 1ft 6in / 45cm tall. Flowers from mid-late September.

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Price £6.00 (9cm pot)

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