Lythrum salicaria Feuerkerze in our garden on 18th July holding centre stage

Common name: Purple Loosestrife. Lovely flowering plants common at the waterside in the UK with tall spires of pink, rose or purple-pink flowers.  They are best in sun and in any soil that does not dry out in summer. They are brilliant in boggy ground or in the margins of a pond. Having said that, they do pretty well in our dry sandy soil. Propagate by division - it can be hard to divide - you need a sharp serrated knife or saw!

There is some doubt as to which species each variety belongs to - we are using the current RHS plant finder names.

Lythrum salicaria Feuerkerze

Lythrum Feuerkerze with Persicaria amplexicaulis Atrosanguinea and lots of Phlox in our garden in August

("Fire Candle")

Intense rose-red double flowers. Stately plants reaching 3ft / 90cm. Flowers June to September. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Price £5.00 (9cm pot)

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