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New additions to our catalogue

Achillea Paprika

Hot spicy red. 2ft tall.

Price: 4.50 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Toothpick

Large flowered spider type with intriguing polychrome petals. Short plants: about 1ft 6in / 45cm tall.

Price 6.00 (bare root)

Kniphofia John Benary

Orangey red and about 2ft 6in - 3ft / 75-90cm tall. Flowers late summer.

Price 5.00 (9cm pot)

Helenium Potter's Wheel

Luscious, deep red flowers with a narrow gold edge. About 4ft / 120cm tall and late season flowering.

Price 5.00 (9cm pot)

Geranium phaeum Our Pat

Large, deep purple flowers

Price 4.50 (9cm pot)

Phlox paniculata Blushing Bride

Bridal white flowers with a pink eye on short stocky plants. Some fragrance. Mid Season flowering

Price 4.50 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Siloam Amazing Grace

Lovely, green-yellow flowers with ruffled edges. Only 1ft 6in tall. Flowers July - August.

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

Phlox Oljenka

New UK introduction 2017

New to the UK, this is a Russian bred phlox with stunning, glowing pink and white flowers. Stays quite short in our sandy soil. Fairly late flowering

Price 4.50 (9cm pot) Only a few for sale in 2017

Hemerocallis Dragon's Eye

Neat, short, clumpy plants. Good sized pink flowers with intense deep crimson eye.

About 1ft tall.

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

Erodium manescavii

One of the larger, bushier species, making a clump about 1ft in each direction. The pink flowers are held on stems a little above the leaf mound

Flowers in late spring and then again in early autumn

Price: 4.50 (9cm pot)

Erodium Princess Marion

The smaller sister of e.manescavii but with similarly sized pink flowers. She is only about 6-9 in tall and across

Flowers in late spring and then again in early autumn

Price: 4.50 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Pony

Long flowering period from Jul to September. Mid height (about 2ft 3in tall) and tolerant of poor soil

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

Dianthus Devon Dove

Pure white flowers and a really lovely scent. 1ft tall and bushy.

Price 4.50 (9cm pot)

Angelica Vicar's Mead

From the elegant purple-black leaves, up the 4ft (120cm) long dark stems, to the umbrellas of pink flowers at the top this is an elegant beauty for a lightly shaded spot.

Also fine in full sun if you're soil retains some moisture.

Flowers in July-August (plants for sale at the moment will flower next year).

This is a monocarpic plant which is a polite way of saying she dies after flowering. Never fear she produces plenty of viable seed which you can leave to drop in moist soil or collect and sow in pots immediately. The seed germinates in spring and the plants flower the following year.

This is variant of the native species Angelica sylvestris found in some British woodlands.

6.00 (1 lt pot)

Geranium Stephanie

Leaves like Geranium renardii and pearly pale violet flowers from April - June. Low growing and great in dry and poor soils but give her some TLC and you won't regret it! Needs a sunny spot.

Propagate by division in spring.

Price 4.50 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Dark Angel

Short plants (c 1ft / 30cm) with large flowers from mid season.

Price 6.00 (1lt pot)

Hemerocallis Dixie Stampede

Large flowers of good substance. Late season. Has performed well in garden in less than ideal conditiond!

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Lady Neva

Large spider flowers on shortist plants. Mid to late season. very limited stock

Price 6.00 (1lt)

Hemerocallis Mokan butterfly

Lovely cream flowers with the bluish-purple watermark centre. One of my favourites. A good mixer in the border and quite short (c 1ft 6in - 2ft). mid and late season. Very limited stock.

Price 6.00 (1lt pot)

Hemerocallis Daring Deception

Bold flowers of good substance. 1ft 6in - 2ft (45-60cm) tall. Mid to late season flowering.

Price 6.00 (1lt pot)

Hemerocallis Cleopatra

Large spider form with the flowers held on top of long stems. The flower stems may need staking depending on growing conditions Mid season. 2 - 2 ft 6in  (60-75cm) tall

Price 6.00 (1lt pot)

Hemerocallis Jogolor

Spider variant with large red and yellow bicolor flowers. Does well in most conditions. About 2ft 9in tall. English-bred by Duncan Skein

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Firestorm

Big, bold and brazen! Creating a storm with a crackling clash of colour in our garden

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Green Flutter

Flowering from late June. A lovely greenish yellow with green throat. About 2ft tall. Fragrant.

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Beat the Barons

Lovely cream and red flowers. Mid height. July-August flowering. Lovely

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Isolde

One of my favourites. Fairly early (from June) Large, purple flowers. A good mixer. About 2ft tall.

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

Hemerocallis Pigmy Plum

Short (1ft / 30cm) and fairly late to flower. Some scent. Large flowers.

Price 4.00 (9cm pot)

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