Common names: Self-heal

Garden Use:

Prunella vulgaris is a native wildflower often found in meadows,lawns and even mown verges. Other species are larger flowered and more suited to the flower border. They form a good groundcover in time.

Good for bees

Cut Flower Use:

Not tried


Moist soils are recommended and they can grow in sun or light shade. They do spread by a creeping rootstock and are probably best suited to groundcover and natualising uses.


Divide clumps in spring, cuttings in autumn, seed.

Pests and Diseases:

None really. Drought can cause browning of the leaves.


Member of the Labiatae (Dead nettle) family

Prunella grandiflora Alba

Ground covering plant about 6-9in / 15-20cm tall. Heads of hook-shaped white flowers from June onwards.

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