Common Name: Scabious, Pincushion Flower.

Feathery, pincushion-like flowers on wiry stems that attract beneficial insects. The plants flower for a long period from Late May onwards. The have feather-shaped mid green leaves. 

Dead head regularly to encourage more flowers throughout the summer. Feed each year in spring. 

They perform best in sun or light shade and they really don't like in wet soils in winter. They hate being flopped over by other plants.

Scabious prefer a limy (alkaline) soil but they do very well in our slightly acid soil here. They won't like very acid soils at all.

Propagation is by removing rooted plantlets (Irishman's cuttings) or division in autumn or spring. Plants do benefit from division every 2 or 3 years. Species types can be propagated from seed, including self-seeding.

A member of the Dipsacaceae (Teasel) family.

Scabiosa caucasica Miss Willmott

Large, ice-white flowers with a white centre. One of the best of the older varieties

RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Price 4.50 (9cm pot)

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