In our garden: 29 June 2018

I woke up this morning and I got the blues!

Blue phlox lite "Blue Paradise" here change colour during the day. The best blue is in low light levels of evening and early morning. I'm planting mine in a spot that's shaded for a couple of hours in the morning to preserve the colour as long as possible. They will need some direct light during the day to grow well though.

Cunning Plan?

Agastache Blackadder performs well in sun or dappled shade. I have a cunning plan.....

Sanguisorba - strange but tough

Some plants look like that ought to be exotic and therefore hard to grow. Sanguisorbas like obtusa Alba here with that look but are tough as old boots.

Let it be

Some flowers need deadheading and others should be left for their wonderful seed heads. In the latter I'd count Poppies, Phlomis and Stemmacantha (pictured here).

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