Heucheras in spring

Heucheras are looking fresh and vibrant. These can be divided by taking off rooted shoots and potting up. If your garden has a problem with vine weevil, now is the time to give Heucheras a tug. If they are not well rooted, dig them up and search the soil around the roots (or lack of them!) for the small, brown-headed, white grubs and squash them (yuk!) or if squeamish ask your local Robin to tuck in.  Wash the stems of the plants well because grubs can hide in the crevices between the stems before replanting. Keep well watered until new roots grow. Heucheras tend to pull themselves out of the soil over time so its a good idea to replant at this time anyway.

It's also a good time to remove old, worn out leaves to give the new, fresh ones room to grow.

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