July in our garden

Veronicastrum Fascination continues to attract bees through the summer. Lovely contrast with the dry husks of Stipa gigantea
Inula hookeri just unfurling is totally irresistable
Shaded by north fence and neighbouring barn, this border gets little direct sunlight, however Geranium Patricia and Nepeta govaniana thrive in the dry shade
The bounty of mid-summer including Helenium, Monarda, Phlox, Hemerocallis, Heliopsis and Salvia
Down the garden path. A winding path entices you to discover what's round the next bend
Red and yellow Achillea and Hemerocallis add interest through their contrasting shapes
Verticals add drama - Salvia nemorosa Amethyst and Verbascum chaixii Album
The bluish-pink of Nepeta Amelia tones well with pink Salvia and blue grass Elymus magellanicus in a dry sunny spot
Red, White and Blue needn't be brash! Burgundy Sanguisborba Arnhem, White Phlox David and Phlox Blue Evening
Osteospermum Lady Leitrim set off by the leaves and yet-to-open buds of Sedum Red Cauli
Yellow helenium and orange hemerocallis make a classic combination backed by the yellow foam of Alchemilla mollis - cut the flowers off this one before they set seed or you might sorry!
A very warm welcome along our drive in July
Sometimes is lovely to stop and look at the detail, like this Monarda Sagittarius flower just starting to open
In summer we aim to create a sea of flower, design is a distant second consideration!

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