July in our garden

Eryngium eburneum is always a magnet for hoverflies
Helenium El Dorado is a favourite gardeners because it blooms for so long. Butterflies like this Gatekeeper love it for its abundant nectar
Sometimes you just caption the moment!
In close up the feather boa flowers of Sanguisorba obtusa are even more intriging
Sanguisorba Lilac Squirrel and Veronicastrum Fascination blend with Stipa gigantea
Once you start looking at bees, hoverflies and wasp in the garden you keep spotting different species. This is my first spot of the Wool Carder Bee on Saliva Purple Rain in our garden.
Wonderful combination with contrast of colour and form: white Leucanthemum Bad Hair Day and purple Agastache Blackadder. Both love dry soils and a sunny spot.
Flowers and buds of Centaurea phrygia. We call this the Ena Shaprles plant because of its "hair net" buds
The butter-yellow leaves of Phlox Becky Towe tie in with the yellow centres of Leucanthemum Marion Bilsland
"You've been framed"! Using the frame of Acer Serpentine's trunks to highlight the brilliant flowers of Hemerocallis Bombardier

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