Seed grown Echinacea

Echinaceas (Cone Flowers) have been looking good for some time in the garden.  There's a lot of discussion about hardiness and getting them through their first winter which I won't comment on.  Lots of the new one are very expensive so its worth looking at the merits of some the older varieties. We like Rubinstern and White Swan. We did try this one - Double Decker - from seed. Its supposed to have a second layer of petals growing out half way up the cone. It never has for us but it does have interestingly recurved petals that catch the sunlight. Seed grown plants are sometimes inferior - seedlings from Rubinstern often revert to the normal species form with pale petals. Seed from White Swan often comes up as pink flowered. With these you can tell the ones that are going to be white as they have paler green leaves with no hint of dark green. 

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