Coloured leaf geraniums

Lots of perennials are putting forth new growth and often the new leafs are full of colour.

Among the hardy geraniums there are lots with good spring colour particularly within the oxanianum and phaeum types.

There are also lots of brown-leafed types available too.

Some like Katherine Adele and...

... Spring Fling have their best colour now, fading by the summer.

Others like Springtime and ...

... phauem Varigatum keep their colour through the summer

Summer Dormant Geraniums

Geranium malviflorum is flowering beautifully at the moment, which is surprising considering it is in a fairly moist, partly shaded position and all the books say it needs hot, dry conditions to flower The leaves are present through the winter and die back in summer.

Please note: this species grows from brown, knobbly rhizomes that are difficult to spot in the soil and is very invasive and difficult to irradicate.

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