August: House Martins sunning themselves on our roof.


Sommetimes leaving a few weeds to run to seed can bring its rewards. There are some Goldfinches stripping seeds from a milk thisltle today.


April: In a clear blue sky 4 buzzards soared and circled overhead his morning. Usually our resident Crows mob them but probably thought discretion was the better part of valour when confronted with 4 large birds of prey.

Pied Wagtail

Sep: Our house Martins left us a couple of weeks ago, and almost as if they were waiting in the wings, Pied Wagtails appeared a day or two later. 

We rarely see them in the summer but in the autumn and winter they are a common feature usually seen running about our house and garage roof making short forays into the air to snatch a fly.

Pied Wagtails are varied in plumage colour and pattern. Some have more black, others more grey, some more white (often named as White Wagtails although they are all the same species).

There are two other Wagtails common in the UK: Grey Wagtails, usually seen by water and are grey with yellow on underside of rump and bib; and also Yellow Wagtails which are summer migrants with a wide range of patterns but normally pale yellow underneath and grey or olive above.


Aug: Our garden Robin has just fledged one youngster and she brought it to us for some help with feeding its insatiable appetite. The current favourite is earwigs. At first mum had to stun the insects before junior could eat it, but after a while junior was able to catch, subdue and swallow all on its own. Young Robins don't have the red breast otherwise their parents would attack them

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