Now I'm just a beginner at insect identification and I'm certainly a complete novice when it comes to Hover Flies so you should treat my identifications as tentative at best. 

Hover Flies are useful insects because the larvae of some species eat lots of aphids. You can attract them by growing lots of flowers with flat heads  - like daisy family or yarrow family plus lots more.

September: Hoverflies on Sanguisorba

Courting Drone Flies - watch out for these airial ballets throughout the summer

Episyrphus balteatus: The Marmalade Fly is one of the UK's most common hoverflies.

Marmalade Fly doing what it does best: hovering

Eristalis sp

Common Drone Fly

think this is Eristalis intricarius which is a pretty convincing bee mimic and very striking in the garden. I've only seen one at a time of this species. This type of hoverfly lay their eggs in bee nests where the larvae hatch out and feed on food debris in the host's nest. They also feed on larval bees as well.

Eupeodes luniger

Heliophilus pendulas: The Sunfly

Sunfly on Phlox David

Epistrophe grossulariae

Rhingia campestris

Epysyrphus balteatus a common drone fly

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