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March 2012
12th March: Spring colour without flowers

Ours is a summer garden and to be frank we don't have a lot of spring flower to enjoy but nevertheless we get plenty of colour from the fresh foliage of our summer and autumn flowering plants. Ignoring for the minute well known subjects like Heucheras there are plenty of colourful leaves and stems to add a dash of colour to our rapidly greening beds and borders.  Here are a few of my favourites spotted today.

Hardy Geraniums offer a wide range of colourful leaves.

First here is Geranium phaeum Samobor with its bold splashes of maroon



Geranium phaeum Springtime has lovely highlights in cherry red.
Geranium phaeum Margaret Wilson has become a firm favourite with us.
Geranium x.oxonianum, Katherine Adele's leaves are their brightest in spring, maturing to olive and tan in the strong summer sun.
We obtained this from an enthusiast named as "Court Jester".  I suspect it may be "Spring Fling" but perhaps someone could tell me for sure.

More spring foliage colour tomorrow (sunlight for photography permitting).

March 13th 

Monardas mostly have attractive tints to their fresh spring leaves, normally red or purple flushing. In Fishes (Pisces) has attractive red herring-boning to the leaves throughout the season.

Sedum spurium Voodoo is already red-leaved and will get deep and darker as the summer progresses.
Euphorbia Excalibur remains one of my favourites for spring foliage. After the dry February and March we've had here the colours are better than ever.
March 18th - Double delight

Here is Bergenia Posy - an unusual double flowered form. I don't think that any doubles are listed in the plant finder. I haven't really tried Bergenias before but when Stephen Jackson (of Helenium Pipsqueak fame) gave us this to try I couldn't resist having a go.

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