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September 2012
1st September: Amber Warning

Nothing to do with the weather this one!

Helenium Amber came to us last year with a description stating its height is 2ft 6in, however this season it has scaled the heights of 5ft, but what a show.

He branches from low down on the plants and forms are really bushy, full plants loaded with flower from August onwards. Also a firm favourite with the bees.


2nd September: Show Stopper

Lobelia cardinalis Bees' Flame is a right show stopper in our garden at the moment with 2ft 9in high spires of these large, brilliant red flower atop the rosettes of bronze leaves.

This is one of the hardiest of the late flowering, tall, perennial lobelias. Give him a good, well-drained soil and he is happy. Remove the dead flower stalk in January and stop the rot before it starts.


Apparently the name Russian Princess used to apply to a purple-flowered, green-leafed variety, now its the name of this pink-bronze-leafed, magenta-flowered one. Just as hardy as the above.
4th September: Reblooming Phlox

I'm glad I had time to deadhead my early flowering Phlox as some, like Blue Paradise here are now rewarding me with a second flush of flower. I cut off the whole truss and any finished side shoots as soon as the flowers finish. New side shoots grow and are starting to flower now. There are fewer flowers than in the first flush but welcome nonetheless.

Phlox Miss Pepper is a late blooming one and is just getting into full swing with our flowers.
6th September: Dreamy deamii

Rudbeckia Deamii is looking beautiful at the moment.


7th September: Butterfly Bonanza

We were commenting in the garden that we hadn't seen many Small Tortoiseshells this year, when lo! and behold!, today scores arrived all at once. What a welcome bonanza.


9th September: Beautifly the garden

Flies get largely ignored in the garden but its difficult not to notice this little jewel, the Green Bottle Fly. 


10th September: Butterfly Bonanza (2)

The warm weather has brought out lots of butterflies in the our garden like this dainty Small Copper.


11th September: Snail 

So this is a banded snail, but which sort: White-lipped or Dark-lipped?

13th September: Better late than never 

Our Cardoons (Cynara carduncularis) are late to flower this year but with buds like this to enjoy who cares!


15th September: Admirable! 

What a lovely, pristine Red Admiral.


18th September: Jiminy Cricket! 

Well a Common Field Grasshopper actually. Lots of these in our garden this week but you have to be patient to spot them. 

22nd September: Dewy delights

A dewy, nearly frosty autumn morning and the plants' adornment on gossamer webs is revealed. 

Grasses, like Calamagrostis brachytricha catch the dew and become illuminated with a ghostly light.

Its worth making a note of plants that look good in the dew so you can refrain from cutting them back too early in the winter.