Agastache planted en-masse with Phlox, Verbena and Liatris

Basic Facts:

Common names: Bubble Mint, Korean Mint.

Garden Use:

Excellent garden plants with aromatic leaves that enjoy dry soils and sunny positions. All are short lived perennials but will self seed reliably. Crushed leaves smell strongly of polo mints or aniseed. 

Wildlife Interest:

Star plants for bees who can't resist the flowers.

Cut Flower Use:

Long lasting in water.


Best in well-drained soil and will cope with dry, poor soils very well. They can be grown in full sun but will take some shade if dry. Some are short-lived - allow them to seed.

We've found that the "Chelsea-chop" works well with these plants creating shorter, bushier plants.


Our plants are grown from seed (except Blackadder which must be grown from cuttings if you want plants that are true to type: we have to buy in plug plants as it has plant varietal rights protection). Seed should be sown in late winter / early spring in warmth and germination is quite rapid. Seed can also be sown directly in the ground in spring.

For types other than the grey, non hardy types, stem cuttings are also possible in summer.

Pests and Diseases:

None really. Slugs may cause very minor damage in early spring.


Members of the Lamiaceae (Dead Nettle) family. The name Agastache comes from "Aga" - meaning "Many" and "Stachys" - "Ear of Wheat" referring to the shape of the flower spikes.

Agastache Blackadder

Good upright plants about 2ft 6in - 3ft / 75-90cm tall with masses of dark blue flower spikes from mid to late summer.

Can be "Chelsea chopped" to produce shorter, bushier plants in late May or early June.

Also grows well in dry, dappled shade

Price £5.00 (9cm pot)

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