Basic Facts:

Growing from rhizomes or tubers these are members of the asparagus family. Common Name: St. Bernard's Lily

Garden Use:

They naturally grow on chalky soils but do very well for us on mildy acid sand.

Wildlife Interest:

Great for bees and hoverflies.

Cut Flower Use:

Not tried but said to be suitable.


They thrive in good, well-drained soil but also stand a lot of neglect and have been bone hardy with us for many years.


Division or seed

Pests and Diseases:

No specific problems. Never seen any slug or snail damage in the garden.

Anthericum ramosum

About 1-2ft / 30-60cm tall when in flower. The flowers come in mid summer and our held in sprays on stems just above the grass-like leaves

Price £6.00 (9cm pot)

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