Basic Facts:

Relatives of Aster and Kalimeris. A member of the Asteraceae family.

Common name: Doll's Daisy

Garden Use: 

Tall, slender, plants with blue-green leaves and masses of daisy flowers in late summer and autumn.

Wildlife Interest:

Great for bees and hoverflies.

Cut Flower Use:

No tried, but reported to be good.


They like sun and do well in our well-drained soil.


We propagate ours by division of clumps in spring. Species can be grown from seed.

Pests and Diseases:

No problems in our garden.


Native to the USA.

Boltonia Snowbank

White, opening from pink buds. The bluish-green stems and leaves grow to about 4-6ft 120-180cm tall and flowering is from late August into the autumn. Spreads to a good sized clump - about 2ft / 60cm in 2 years.

Looks good planted amongst other tall plants and is a good alternative to asters where the soil is very dry.

This species comes from Missouri, Kansas and south to Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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