Common name: Cupid's Dart, Blue Cupidone

Excellent, long-flowering plants for sunny, well-drained soils - even dry soils.  Silver-green leaves and masses of flowers opening from silver, papery buds.  Dead head regularly and cut back hard at the end of the season. 

Propagate from seed or root cuttings; doesn't really like being divided. 

Trouble free, hardy in well-drained soils and easy to grow. Best in full sun.

We grow our plants on a dry bank in full sun.

The leaves may get mildew late in the season - because of the colour of the leaves this doesn't really show and can be ignored.

Make a good cut flower.

The common name comes from the historic use of the plant as an aphrodisiac (NB Catananche may be poisonous).

Native to SW Europe and Baliarics.

Catananche caerulea:

Lovely blue flowers with deeper violet centres and silver bracts, held well on wiry stems. About 1ft 6in tall / 45cm tall in flower. Flowers throughout the summer.

Plants found with the name Amor Blue are the same.

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