Common name: Tickseed - the seeds are shaped like a tick.

Unsung stalwarts of the border that flower for ages is deadheaded. They like a sunny spot and soil that isn't boggy. The verticillata types will grow in dry soils quite happily. Deadheading is essential and I find that a quick clip all over does the job. This results in no flower for a couple of weeks but is easier for a busy gardener than cutting each off individually.

The verticillatas are long-lived and spread quite slowly to form small clumps and can be propagated by division.

Coreopsis are members of the Asteraceae family.

Perfect Partners: Coreopsis Zagreb adds a zesty lemon dash to the deeper hues of Heleniums Wyndley and Red Army in our garden in August.

Coreopsis verticillata Zagreb

Fresh green leaves and bright yellow flowers - similar to the straight species but shorter at only 1ft tall in flower.

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Price: 4.50 (9cm pot)

Coreopsis are great for buterflies like this Small Copper

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