Basic Facts:

Large yellow daisy flowers with very fine rays. Large leaves. Tough and undemanding.

Garden Use: 

Some are intended for well-drained soils that retain summer moisture but in my experience they will do fine in dry soil as well. The leaves are large but a little coarse.

There are tall one for the border and short ones for the rock garden.

Some spread by underground shoots making a good sized clump.

Cut Flower Use:

Excellent cut flowers.

Wildlife interest:

Like all daisy flowers they are great for bees, butterflies and hoverflies.


Will thrive in moist soils in summer but grow well in dry as well, although drought at flowering time will cause them to go over quickly. They need a sunny spot.


Can be grown from seed or increased by division after flowering or in spring

Pests and Diseases:

No specific pests.


Members of the Asteraceae family. From Europe, Asia and Africa.

Inula hookeri

Low growing for an Inula (2-3ft./ 60-90cm). Creeping rootstock. Flowers July-August.

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