Basic Facts:

Common name: Korean Aster

Little grown plants related to Asters and Boltonia without any problems or pests to bother it - an unassuming plant that keeps on flowering from June to October.

Garden Use:

A long flowering foil to other brighter coloured flowers. Excellent contrasted with flat or cup shaped flowers.

Upright and self-supporting.

Wildlife Interest:

Very good for bees and hoverflies.

Cut Flower Use:

Not tried, but should be very good.


Not at all fussy. Likes some sun and a reasonably fertile soil. Copes well with dry conditions.

Dead head occasionally.


Division in spring.

Pests and Diseases:

None to speak off. They don't seem to get mildew.


A member of the Asteraceae family. Now considered to part of the Aster genus by some authorities.

Kalimeris incisa Blue Star

1ft 6in - 2ft / 45-60cm tall and flowering from June to September. A great foil for brighter colours. A rather pinkish blue.

Kalimeris mongolica

Taller plants, up to 4ft / 120cm in good soil. Pale lilac flowers from July through September. Does require staking in good soils.

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