Klasea bulgarica

Basic Facts:

Tall plants (up to 6ft / 180cm) with saw-edged, glossy, upward facing leaves to 3ft / 90cm. Flower stems branching. White, thistle-like flowers from July into autumn.

Garden Use:

Best as an architectural highlight plant. Could suit a courtyard style planting too.

Clumping, not spreading.


Well-drained soil and some moisture in summer is best - so dig-in plenty of compost. Really responds to good soil, sulking in poor or shallow soils.


Divide in spring or by seed.

Pests and Diseases:

No specific pests but aphid can congregate on flower stems in dry weather.


A member of the Asteraceae family. Part of the Cynara tribe. Previously placed in the genus Serratula. Native to Bulgaria and Romania.

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