The clean white of Leucanthemum Bad Hair Day sets off the pinks, crimsons and purples of phlox.


Leucanthemum x.superbum (Common Name: Shasta Daisy) were previously known as Chrysanthemum maximum.

Introduced from the USA at the turn the 20th Century these familiar white (or pale yellow) daisies come in a range of heights, as single or fully double flowers, and with simple petals or frilly, feather-like structures. All can be relied on to flower from late June through to September - most will re-bloom happily if cut back after flowering.

The varieties we sell grow to 2 - 3ft in height. All prefer a sunny spot and some moisture in summer. Feed well in spring. In a wet summer like 2012 they will grow a little taller.

Propagate by division in spring.

There are no major problems to avoid - slugs can be nuisance on small plants, blackfly may appear in mid summer and if black spots appear on the leaves either ignore or use a systemic fungicide.

A member of the Asteraceae family.

Leucanthemum Bad Hair Day

This daughter of Phyllis Smith was named by a garden visitor a few years ago. She's a brillaint performer and stands up straight and proud. 2ft 6in - 3ft / 75-90cm

Leucanthemum Becky

Very full, chalky white flowers and about 3ft / 90cm tall

Leucanthemum Bishopstone

Broad petals that are frilled (or pinked?) at the ends. About 2ft 6in / 75cm tall. Flowers for a long time.

Leucanthemum Engelina

Lovely flowers - open centred with a wide fringe of frilly white petals. Fairly short - 2ft 6in / 75cm

Leucanthemum Marion Bilsland

Marion Bilsland is completely at home with Persicaria amplexicaulis Rosea

Long flowering period. Single flowers with fairly narrow petals. A great border plant and one of our favourites. About 2ft 9in / 85cm tall.

Raised by George Murray who was head gardener at the Duntreath Estate and named for his Granddaughter - thanks to Marion Donnachie (nee Bilsland) herself for this information. George Murray also introduced several Aster novi-belgii varieties.

Available later

Leucanthemum Phyllis Smith

Very frilly flowers - on 2ft 9in-3ft 3in / 85-100cm plants. We love this one!

Price £5.50 (9cm pot)

Leucanthemum Sonnenshein ("Sunshine")

Very pale yellow flowers on 2ft 6in / 75cm stems. A winner!

Price £5.50 (9cm pot)

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