Leucanthemum x.superbum (Common Name: Shasta Daisy) were previously known as Chrysanthemum maximum.

Introduced from the USA at the turn the 20th Century these familiar white (or pale yellow) daisies come in a range of heights, as single or fully double flowers, and with simple petals or frilly, feather-like structures. All can be relied on to flower from late June through to September - most will re-bloom happily if cut back after flowering.

The varieties we sell grow to 2 - 3ft in height. All prefer a sunny spot and some moisture in summer. Feed well in spring. In a wet summer like 2012 they will grow a little taller.

Propagate by division in spring.

There are no major problems to avoid - slugs can be nuisance on small plants, blackfly may appear in mid summer and if black spots appear on the leaves either ignore or use a systemic fungicide.

A member of the Asteraceae family.

Perfect Partners: Leucanthemum combine well with Phlox in our garden in August. These two Leucanthemum are new varieties selected from our garden that we are trialling with an aim to introduce in the coming years.

Leucanthemum Bad Hair Day

New for 2018. This daughter or Phyllis Smith was named by a garden visitor a few years ago. Slightly harsh we think!


Leucanthemum Bishopstone

Broad petals that are frilled (or pinked?) at the ends. About 2ft 9in tall. Flowers for a long time.


Leucanthemum Fiona Coghill

Double that starts off flat and then forms a ball-shaped flower - lovely. About 2ft 6in tall.



Leucanthemum Marion Bilsland

Long flowering period. Single flowers with fairly narrow petals. A great border plant and one of our favourites. About 2ft 9in / 85cm tall.

Raised by George Murray who was head gardener at the Duntreath Estate and named for his Granddaughter - thanks to Marion Donnachie (nee Bilsland) herself for this information. George Murray also introduced several Aster novi-belgii varieties.


Marion Bilsland is completely at home with Persicaria amplexicaulis Rosea


Leucanthemum Phyllis Smith

Very frilly flowers - on 2ft 9in - 3ft 3in plants. We love this one!


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