Rudbeckia Goldsturm shines through a haze of Giant Spanish Oats (Stipa gigantea)


Rudbeckias planted in drifts make a stunning show in late summer and autumn. Plant about 18in / 45cm apart

Common Name: Coneflower.

Another plant from the prairies of the United States that is known as "Coneflower" (see also Echinacea) because of the prominent central cone that is usually dark brown or green.

They thrive in sun or partial shade and flower for a long period from late July well into autumn. They tolerate drought but are not fussy about soil type.

We get a lot of comments that Rudbeckias aren't hardy: true some species are only half hardy here and some are biennial or very short-lived. This is not helped by some sellers not labeling plants as such. All the varieties and species we currently list and sell are both hardy and perennial.

Propagate by division of clumps in spring. They will set seed but named varieties don't come true.

Deadheading is worthwhile with the early flowers but as flowering comes to an end leave on a few seed heads on the taller varieties to add winter interest. Cut down to just above ground level in late winter.

All are great as cut flowers and all are a great attraction to butterflies.

Named by Linnaeus in honour of his teacher Olaf Rudbeck.

A member of the Asteraceae family.

Rudbeckia fulgida var. deamii

Rudbeckia Deamii (centre) with Heleniums Ruby Tuesday (front) and Riverton Gem (back) in our garden 8th September.
Rudbeckia deamii carries on blooming regardless of the morning frosts of mid October.

Upright plants reaching about 2ft 9incm tall and forming good sized clumps. Glowing yellow flowers with dark brown cone. Distinguished from the similar "Goldsturm" (see below) by softer more rounded leaves and flowers that are more yellow than gold in tone. RHS Award of Garden Merit (H4)

The epithet fulgida means "shining".

Deamii and all single-flowered Rudbeckias attrach butterflies late in the season. This Speckled Wood is surprsingly common in our sunny garden. They can normally be seen patrolling patches of sun on the edge of woodland

Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm

Rudbeckia Goldsturm is shorter than other varieties but has just as large flowers

Stiffly upright plants reaching about 2ft / 60cm tall and spreading to form large clumps. Golden flowers with dark brown cone. Probably the best Rudbeckia for flower-power.

RHS Award of Garden Merit (H4)

Rudbeckia nitida Herbstsonne Coming Later

Rudbeckia Herbstonne is an impressive back-of-border plant for late colour

("Autumn Sun"): Tall plants reaching 6ft / 180cm or more with large soft yellow, drooping-petaled flowers. The cone is tall and green as first turning brown with age. Copes with shade very well. Flowers from late July.

RHS Award of Garden Merit (H4).

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