The flowers of Stipa gigantea glow in the late evening light


Fashionable grasses grown for their leaves and dramatic flower heads that move in the breeze and catch the sunlight in the evening.

They all like sun, free-draining soils in winter and space to spread their skirts.

All are hardy. As cool season grasses they make their growth in spring and autumn and this is the time to divide them.

Seed heads will last through the winter and should be cut back to the base in February before new growth starts.

The flower stems of S.gigantea can be dried for cut flower use.

A member of the Poaceae family.

Stipa tenuissima (a.k.a. Nasella tenuissima

Common names: Feather Grass, Pony Tails

About 2ft / 60cm feathery grass that moves in the breeze. Short lived but self seeds to produce new plants. Treat it mean to get the best from it; lush living produces sprawling plants.

Price £6.00 (1lt pot)

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