March 2020

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March 28

Getting round to dividing and potting some of the more unusual plants in our garden. Yesterday it was the turn of Centaurea woronowii a knapweed from Caucasus and Asia Minor. Extremely hardy and drought tolerant. The large pink flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies. About 2ft / 60cm tall in flower. Flowers May-June and August-October. Similar to: C. dealbata, nogmovii, karabaghensis.

March 29

It's a great time to divide Hemerocallis (day lilies). These are NOT really lilies and don't grow from bulbs but from a rhizome or fleshy root stock. You can simply cut slices from the edge of a clump to make new plants but I like to dig the clump up and divide up, pot and grow on before replanting. A stout implement is sometimes needed to prize the clumps apart. Back to back forks is recommended but who (except Monty Don) has 2 or more garden forks? I find anything long and pointy enough and strong enough not to bend is fine. Don't worry if you break the shoot off of a division - the rhizome will sprout again.

Today I've been dividing and potting up "Orchid Corsage" a so-called spider form due to her long narrow petals.

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