August in our garden

L-R Helenium Wesergold, Phlox Uspekh with Stipa gigantea behind; Persicaria amplexicaulis Atrosanguinea in front of Phlox Discovery
A wonderful clash of the titans: Helenium Sahin's Early Flowerer and Lythrum Feuerkerze (Fire Candle)
It's not all hot colours - Phlox, Leucanthemum and Persicaria cool things down (a little!)
Heleniums are the stars in August. Here Zimbelstern, Fancy Fan and Dark Beauty are stage front!
The gauzy veil of Molinia Transparent disfuses the colours of the phlox beyond
Sedum Red Cauli steals the show, with a wonderful supporting cast of Heleniums and Rudbeckia
Bold red and yellow from Helenium Sophie, Achillea Cloth of Gold and Monarda Squaw

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