May in our garden

Verbascums are rewarding from seed. This is a selection from the Southern Charm mix sown in the previous summer.
in 2006 I obtained the seed of the rare Kniphofia stricta and the plants sown in that winter are a year old and promising to flower. This species is one of only two with "u" shaped, keelless leaves.
Sometimes in spring its the flowers that attact you and other times its the new greens and interplay of light and shade. Bearded irises flower for a very short time but the growing forms add value before the flowers
Growing species perennials from seed is very rewarding. Potentilla meglantha has both lovely leaves and gorgeous yellow flowers loved by bees in May
The silver leaf brunneras are fiendishly expensive to buy and all have plant varietal rights meaning they can't be propagated for sale. Within the garden you are quite alright dividfing them and, surprisingly, they also come more-or-less true from saved seed.
A simple purple and acid yellow contrast works well in spring. The golden feverfew will have its flowers removed - the small white daisies clash with the leaves and it seeds for Britain is left to its own devices. Salvia Purple Rain will flower to high summer, be cut back and then flower again in autumn - a good, tough doer and a favourite with bees.
Iris sibrica will grow in most soils from very wet to very dry (it gets the latter in our garden) and flower in May and June. Silver Edge has an intricate beauty enhanced by the raindrops.

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