September in our garden

A blaze of colour to match the light of September skies, Heleniums, helianthus, Rudbeckia, Sedum all sing out. The pinky blue of Kalimeris Charlotte is a cool contrast
High and mighty: flowers are reaching their full height and towering above the rest in this border are Eupatorium Atropurpureum and Helenium Bressingham Gold
A reminder that autumn is upon us as dew collects on spider webs in the early morning
Grasses like Calamagrostis are coming into their own during September
Colour clashes are easily forgiven in September. Actaea Pink Spike, Helenium Patsy and Lythrum Feuerkerze are happy partners in a slightly damper spot in the garden.
A classic combination of blue and yellow - Aster and Helenium
Persicaria amplexicaulis and Miscanthus are two of the stalwarts of our September garden providing continuity as summer turns to autumn
The September sky is an important element of the garden with grasses, like Stipa gigantea, after rain glistening against the intense, clear blue

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